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That’s precise! For over 25 years, Tronex Technology has been manufacturing precise hand cutting tools in the USA. To date they manufacture over 60 unique cutter and plier models used used primarily by professionals engaged in electronics manufacturing (particularly in making printed circuit boards), wire and cable assembly, medical device manufacturing, scientific research, and jewelry making.

For over 10 years, Tronex has been a loyal designthis! client. We’ve been through sales sheets, ads, website design, tradeshow materials, promotional items… you name it. So, we were very proud to produce their very first bound catalog! Five months in the making, this very intricate catalog required design, content organization, and detail work as precise as the tools themselves. From photographing the factory and large tool library, through print management, four designthis! team members worked closely with each other and with the client to ensure every aspect was covered. We applaud Tronex for committing to such a large, but rewarding, project.

As business owners and managers, most of you know ‘branding’ is visual communication of your brand’s core message, essence and principles. The way your brand walks, talks and dresses can influence decisions your audience make and determine position in the market.

Next to brand differentiation, branding consistency has become a large component of a company’s success and sustainability. So maybe you’ve asked at one point in the life of your business or career…What is branding consistency and why is it so important?

designthis branding consistencyThe way to start defining branding consistency is when a business attempts to communicate messages in a manner that does not wander or deviate too far from the brand identity and core message. For example, a single logo is always used in a similar way on all marketing materials, a single typeface is used with particular guidelines on typography, consistent color ranges are applied and similar design styles utilized, so that everything visual is consistent and has a link back to that core brand message.

But consistency doesn’t stop at applying a logo in a consistent manner, and having the right Pantone colors. It’s ensuring that all messaging of communication materials pull in the same direction. That it not only looks, but also reads consistently. The way the copy is written, the quality of paper used in printed materials, the way your website is built and optimized, the language you use in social media and tone of your eblasts– all of it plays a part in consistency.

Why is it so important?

Inconsistency can be detrimental to your brand. It’s confusing for your audience which doesn’t instill a lot of confidence. If your own materials and message aren’t cohesive, how can they be assured of the quality of your product or service for themselves? And how will you get them to recognize and remember you?

Both Justin-Siena High School (l) and Far Niente Winery (r) have made a commitment to consistency in their branding. We carry their visual image and messaging across all materials they use to communicate.

Consistency hands down builds strong brand equity, which is invaluable recognition, confidence and trust from your audience. Recognition assures differentiation, confidence places value in your product or service, and trust leads to longevity. If done correctly, not only will you be visually recognized, but your audience will clearly hear, understand and believe your message.

Makes sense to the health of your business right? So who is managing your brand consistency? Managing consistency is a lot like being a general contractor – you have to be a skilled organizer, scheduler, manager, solution seeker, designer… all the while keeping the end goal front of mind.

At designthis!, we’re masterful GCs. Our skill sets go beyond designing a single piece for our clients. It’s building a website to managing an email campaign to printed brochures and event graphics – with the most important task accomplished – consistency. Make a commitment to your brand consistency, starting with an assessment of your marketing – both in print and online. If things aren’t what you thought, or you’re looking for a consistent path for your company, we’re happy to help.

MJNVS Website

Michael J. Neal Viticultural Services works with wineries and land owners in Napa and the North Bay to deliver a wide range of services from vineyard management, to organic farming, to pest control and landscaping.

designthis! worked with MJNVS and their filmmaker to create a site that communicates their messaging and services through targeted design and functionality. designthis! was there from concept to launch, even setting up search engine optimization and google analytics to measure results. The use of video as a primary communication tool is cutting edge for businesses and we were excited to contribute to the project. MJNVS was a joy to work with! Please visit the site and give them a call if your vineyard or land needs the best.

designthis! apples to apples
This topic has come up a lot recently as everyone becomes increasingly concerned about costs. You can certainly get anything cheaper, but we ask this:

• Is it apples to apples or apples to oranges?
• Do both companies provide the exact same quality and level of service?
• Are you confident putting such an important project, your company’s marketing materials, into their hands?
• Do you feel informed enough to know these differences?

We’ve seen this a lot. Saving costs by putting your detailed project into the wrong hands often means it costs more in the end, in both rebuilding your reputation and/or fixing a job gone wrong. Any studio that obtains a majority of its work as a result of offering the lowest price will rarely make anything impressive, interesting, and worthwhile – directly affecting your ROI.

You could say hiring the right design studio is similar to hiring the right insurance company, the right stylist, the right architect – it’s about experience and reputation. A business you hire should be around long enough to have a reputation. A business should have a team that’s been there, done that so they can take the most efficient path on your project. Collaboration makes a creative project successful and effective for clients. Multi-layered teams, working closely with a client’s team, enhance the project’s outcome.

Our work is detailed, coordinating all the elements so that there is harmony in the message. There should be no confusion as to what you’re offering. In addition to the creative work, production skills are just as important. You don’t want your wine label setup incorrectly, costing you additional money to fix on press. And when you need an eblast handled, or a website updated, you want a company you can count on to set it up technically correct and follow through with the delivery. And lastly, you want a company that is honest, fair and personable. That’s designthis! We make sure that if you say you want an apple, you get an apple. The best match of client and vendor happens not only when one can satisfy the other’s needs, but when both parties care equally about the end result. So, if you’ve been wondering whether to invest in marketing materials or online marketing but aren’t sure where to begin, give us a call. We’ll discuss your projects, help you define budgets, and guide you through the process.