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designthis! apples to apples
This topic has come up a lot recently as everyone becomes increasingly concerned about costs. You can certainly get anything cheaper, but we ask this:

• Is it apples to apples or apples to oranges?
• Do both companies provide the exact same quality and level of service?
• Are you confident putting such an important project, your company’s marketing materials, into their hands?
• Do you feel informed enough to know these differences?

We’ve seen this a lot. Saving costs by putting your detailed project into the wrong hands often means it costs more in the end, in both rebuilding your reputation and/or fixing a job gone wrong. Any studio that obtains a majority of its work as a result of offering the lowest price will rarely make anything impressive, interesting, and worthwhile – directly affecting your ROI.

You could say hiring the right design studio is similar to hiring the right insurance company, the right stylist, the right architect – it’s about experience and reputation. A business you hire should be around long enough to have a reputation. A business should have a team that’s been there, done that so they can take the most efficient path on your project. Collaboration makes a creative project successful and effective for clients. Multi-layered teams, working closely with a client’s team, enhance the project’s outcome.

Our work is detailed, coordinating all the elements so that there is harmony in the message. There should be no confusion as to what you’re offering. In addition to the creative work, production skills are just as important. You don’t want your wine label setup incorrectly, costing you additional money to fix on press. And when you need an eblast handled, or a website updated, you want a company you can count on to set it up technically correct and follow through with the delivery. And lastly, you want a company that is honest, fair and personable. That’s designthis! We make sure that if you say you want an apple, you get an apple. The best match of client and vendor happens not only when one can satisfy the other’s needs, but when both parties care equally about the end result. So, if you’ve been wondering whether to invest in marketing materials or online marketing but aren’t sure where to begin, give us a call. We’ll discuss your projects, help you define budgets, and guide you through the process.