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As business owners and managers, most of you know ‘branding’ is visual communication of your brand’s core message, essence and principles. The way your brand walks, talks and dresses can influence decisions your audience make and determine position in the market.

Next to brand differentiation, branding consistency has become a large component of a company’s success and sustainability. So maybe you’ve asked at one point in the life of your business or career…What is branding consistency and why is it so important?

designthis branding consistencyThe way to start defining branding consistency is when a business attempts to communicate messages in a manner that does not wander or deviate too far from the brand identity and core message. For example, a single logo is always used in a similar way on all marketing materials, a single typeface is used with particular guidelines on typography, consistent color ranges are applied and similar design styles utilized, so that everything visual is consistent and has a link back to that core brand message.

But consistency doesn’t stop at applying a logo in a consistent manner, and having the right Pantone colors. It’s ensuring that all messaging of communication materials pull in the same direction. That it not only looks, but also reads consistently. The way the copy is written, the quality of paper used in printed materials, the way your website is built and optimized, the language you use in social media and tone of your eblasts– all of it plays a part in consistency.

Why is it so important?

Inconsistency can be detrimental to your brand. It’s confusing for your audience which doesn’t instill a lot of confidence. If your own materials and message aren’t cohesive, how can they be assured of the quality of your product or service for themselves? And how will you get them to recognize and remember you?

Both Justin-Siena High School (l) and Far Niente Winery (r) have made a commitment to consistency in their branding. We carry their visual image and messaging across all materials they use to communicate.

Consistency hands down builds strong brand equity, which is invaluable recognition, confidence and trust from your audience. Recognition assures differentiation, confidence places value in your product or service, and trust leads to longevity. If done correctly, not only will you be visually recognized, but your audience will clearly hear, understand and believe your message.

Makes sense to the health of your business right? So who is managing your brand consistency? Managing consistency is a lot like being a general contractor – you have to be a skilled organizer, scheduler, manager, solution seeker, designer… all the while keeping the end goal front of mind.

At designthis!, we’re masterful GCs. Our skill sets go beyond designing a single piece for our clients. It’s building a website to managing an email campaign to printed brochures and event graphics – with the most important task accomplished – consistency. Make a commitment to your brand consistency, starting with an assessment of your marketing – both in print and online. If things aren’t what you thought, or you’re looking for a consistent path for your company, we’re happy to help.