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That’s precise! For over 25 years, Tronex Technology has been manufacturing precise hand cutting tools in the USA. To date they manufacture over 60 unique cutter and plier models used used primarily by professionals engaged in electronics manufacturing (particularly in making printed circuit boards), wire and cable assembly, medical device manufacturing, scientific research, and jewelry making.

For over 10 years, Tronex has been a loyal designthis! client. We’ve been through sales sheets, ads, website design, tradeshow materials, promotional items… you name it. So, we were very proud to produce their very first bound catalog! Five months in the making, this very intricate catalog required design, content organization, and detail work as precise as the tools themselves. From photographing the factory and large tool library, through print management, four designthis! team members worked closely with each other and with the client to ensure every aspect was covered. We applaud Tronex for committing to such a large, but rewarding, project.