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I have a few design projects, but where do I begin? Aside from the strategic creative process, there are important details of defining scope, budget, and timeline.

How it Works – A Snapshot:

1. Contact us with your design needs, such as branding/identity, website, email campaign, brochure, or wine packaging.
2. We’ll begin with an initial Q&A that helps shape the scope of your project. We can either discuss this in person or over the phone. Once we gather these important details, we’ll be able to work on a proposal of costs.
3. Once the proposal is reviewed and approved, we require a signed agreement and deposit.
4. If the project is very creative and/or detailed, we’ll meet in person for a collaborative creative session to review the details with all project team members attending.
5. We’ll then begin our internal creative process and develop custom design options.
6. Once we’re happy with the results, we’ll schedule a meeting with you to present our concepts and get your feedback.
7. If design adjustments are discussed, we’ll make these adjustments and present another round to you for review.
8. Once the design direction is approved, we move to the next stages of the project. For print, this can include accompanying project pieces, or the printing process. For web, this can include the coding and development of the complete website. These processes are very specific to the print or web world and will be reviewed in your initial Q&A.

How long will it take?

With the exception of heavy workloads or staff vacations, we typically get the project scheduled the following week and deliver initial designs within 2-3 weeks. After the creative stage, we move to the production or coding stage, which can take anywhere from 3-5 weeks depending on the size of the project. The project can be completed in the estimated timeframe if we get your organized support materials within the first week or two of the project kickoff, your edits are clear and comprehensive, and there are no technology or third-party delays. Keep in mind that your input, participation and decisiveness is very important to the timeline.

How much will it cost?

Our professional services begin as low as $3000 and go up depending on the scope of your project. All prices are based on the overall size, complexity and professional services you require. We can work on a per project basis or can offer longer term commitments for clients that need ongoing brand management. Just as your input, participation and decisiveness are important to the timeline, they are important to the budget as well.

Why us?

Not only are we talented brand managers, but our designs are original with attention to each business’ goals and needs. We are skilled professionals working side-by-side in a brick and mortar business that is open five days a week. We run our business lean so you’re paying for skill and service, not overhead. We’ve been in the print and web design industry long enough to know what it takes to get it done and we have a long list of clients in various industries that place their trust in us. We’ve also been in Napa Valley long enough (since 1996) to know the history, the businesses and the people.

If you’re ready to begin your next project, get in touch to begin the process. We look forward to hearing from you!