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    Ram's Gate Winery / Print / When we were asked to redesign the club newsletter for the Sonoma-based winery, we wanted to display the content in a pleasing aesthetic that matched the level of the winery’s elegant, modern look. The larger size allows the new gatefold layout to have more panels and space for better readability and flow, all printed on a soft, uncoated stock with a classic and sophisticated texture. By yours truly, designthis! ...

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    Type Find / Edible ABCs / Kudos to Tommy Perez for creating this cool project using food and typography to help his daughter, Zoë, learn the alphabet. The project is called A to Zoë, and each letter is made of an ingredient that begins with that letter. Not only does each letter have its own type style, but the background colors are different, and the surroundings are appropriately staged. In addition to teaching the alphabet, the project also teaches the importance of creativity, design, and typography.

    Here are the ingredients: Applesauce, bacon, cookie, Dots, eggs, flour, granola, hummus, ice cream, jelly, kale, licorice, macaroni, nachos, olives, pretzels, quinoa, Rice Krispies Treats, and sunflower seeds.

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