We are a diverse team of creatives with a shared desire to help transform brands by crafting the best user experiences. You’ll find we are passionate, reliable and honest with loads of integrity.


designthis! was founded in 1996 by Kim Shaeffer and Amy Predmore in Napa, California with the vision of providing exceptional design with exceptional service. The name reflects the creativity, excitement and out-of-the-box thinking that aligns with their design and business philosophies. Over the years, they have expanded their team, expertise and client base but have remained true to their vision.

Working with a variety of industries over the years, designthis! has a wide range of experience that allows us to apply creative, technical and business solutions that are specific and deliberate to our clients’ unique needs. We are proud of our amazing team and proven process that enables projects to flow smoothly through the studio, ensuring that targeted solutions are created.

We're a multi-talented design studio

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Your DT Team

Kim Shaeffer

Amy Predmore

Rodney Canlas
Senior Designer

Kris Yumul
Senior Designer

Karl Bellagio
Web Developer

Dave Sibley
Graphic Designer