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Our collaborative process begins with an intensive Q&A that helps shape the scope of every project. Once we’ve established a shared vision with the client, we formulate a strategic direction that becomes our creative compass in achieving project goals.

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    Step I – Investigation & Research

    We approach each project with an open mind to strategy and creative. We ask lots of questions to define a client’s goals, and set specific project parameters. From there, we research the product or service, and explore the competitive landscape. We identify what sets our client apart, and how we may use those differences to the client’s advantage.

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    Step II – Messaging & Positioning

    We follow-up with the client in a collaborative strategy session. We present our research findings as well as related project insights. From here we develop guidelines for our messaging, and come to an agreement on the brand positioning that will guide our creative concepts.

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    Step III – Form & Function

    This is where our creative juices flow. We run internal brainstorming sessions, entertaining a wide range of creative concepts. Through further exploration, we refine the concepts and develop related content. During this process, we see the unique brand experience begin to emerge.

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    Step IV – Execution & Extension

    After the client chooses a creative concept, we finish fleshing out the brand messaging to relevant media. Our focus is on aligning all aspects of the positioning so that there is absolute continuity and consistency in the brand experience. Finally, we manage production in-house, from file, to proof or prototype, to functioning form — assuring the highest level of quality and integrity throughout the process.