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The Challenge: For years, this educational institution had endured multiple design variations from different contributors and it had become difficult to manage their brand. The challenge for designthis! was to reinvent the Justin-Siena High School brand personality and re-connect with its audience in new ways with stronger messaging. The project originally began with a redesign of all print communication materials, with the identity redesign taking center stage once the school was prepared to communicate a new identity to students, faculty and alumni.


The Strategy: The design needed to cross over multiple media – brochures to banners, ads to billboards, eblasts to online ads – so the creative was just as important as the brand management. Through our studying of the school and conversations with staff, our focus became highlighting the active and diverse student body, associating messaging about Justin-Siena’s points of difference, and the school’s commitment to their education and future. Once the print creative and messaging was consistent, the new identity became the focus.

The Result: Through clear communications with the client on priorities and heritage for the new identity, we defined the iconic elements that best represent Justin-Siena as a college preparatory high school with a rich history in tradition. The school seal was an important element to the identity design where we embodied historical icons and language in a noble graphic used for special events and communications. For print communication materials, we created a focused, modular design that was consistent and clear to their intended audience. The new identity was transferred seamlessly to their redesigned print communication materials and there has been a clear improvement in brand perception and school interest.

We continue to work closely with Justin-Siena and are in the process of redefining their athletic program identity and mascot. For more information on this project, visit their site.